Be the first to review this item. Styling and Build Quality Our review camera featured an aluminum body in a matte silver finish with chrome accents, with subtle rounding on all camera edges. You can directly access the various flash options by clicking left on the navigation pad, the Drive modes via up, the focus modes via right, and the scene modes via down. Best Digital Cameras for All in all, the P70 offers fairly middle of the road performance in most categories wrapped around a lens with very good optical qualities. Pentax Optio P70 in Compact Cameras.

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Pentax Optio P70 Review | Photography Blog

Image quality deterioration increases more dramatically with the jump towith being the most noticeable deterioration of any of the increases over the previous sensitivity. There are settings available to increase or decrease sharpness, saturation pentax optio p70 contrast from the default level, and my personal preference iptio to maximize all three.

Pixel Track Shake Reduction Using shake reduction reduces pentax optio p70 subjects without requiring an ISO speed boost which results in noisy photos. One nice feature of the P70 is that manual setting of ISO sensitivity is available for all shooting modes except pentax optio p70 the green button default settingmovie, fireworks and digital shake reduction.

Pentax Optio P70

There are some other limitations to the P70’s movie mode too. Once you’ve taken a shot, it filters the effect motion has on each pixel to sharpen them and remove blur all of this takes a few seconds after the photo is captured. Create a free account to like this page. The P70 is very slim, making it well suited to either a trouser or shirt pocket or handbag, and it weighs just g without the battery or memory card fitted.


There is no focus assist lamp for dim light and acquisition times in those conditions will lengthen. However, the 12 megapixel sensor gives you some pentax optio p70 for cropping and, depending on the nature of the original image, may provide some fairly decent crops.

Controls are spaced to insure no accidental activations occur, and pentax optio p70 flash location did not conflict with either a horizontal or vertical shooting grip. It looks great, too, and is thin and light enough that you may forget it’s in your pocket.

LenShepherd and 8 others commented pentax optio p70 this. Compare These Fujifilm XF. Directory Pages Search for pentax optio p70 the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.

Minimum sharpness, saturation, and contrast. There is a much faster high-speed continuous shooting mode, providing 2.

The P70 has three different anti-blur modes to help prevent camera shake and an Auto Picture mode pentax optio p70 automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode for a pentax optio p70 subject or scene. Then, an adjustment filter sharpens the pixels to help remove the blur effect.

The start-up time from turning the Pentax Optio P70 on to being ready to take a photo is quite quick at around 3 seconds, and it takes about 2 seconds to pentac from the widest focal length to the longest. The OK button in the middle performs two main tasks – it selects menu options, and also toggles between the three Display modes for the LCD pentax optio p70.

There is also a voice memo mode that allows users to attach a sound recording to pentax optio p70 image. Lentax are also standard Basically, it’s the P70’s auto-everything Green mode. Buttons are kept to a minimum and the ever present green button for ultra easy sits at the bottom. All in all, the P70 offers fairly middle of the road performance in most categories wrapped around a lens with very good optical qualities. The P70 can recognize faces in as little as 0.


There are the standard flash options including pentax optio p70 eye reduction, and a soft flash option that reduces flash intensity while still firing the flash. ISO performance is comparable to the competition but the camera lacks stabilization.

For the generation of snapshot photographers who’ve adjusted to shooting photos with their cell phones, Pentax added a Vertical Snap mode. In addition the Smile Capture function automatically releases the shutter when it detects the main subject’s smile, and the Blink Detection pentax optio p70 warns the photographer if the subject’s eyes were closed when the picture was taken.


Pentax Optio P70 Review

There’s also face detection, and while that’s not new, the P70 is capable of hunting down up to 32 faces in as pentax optio p70 as 0. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

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pentax optio p70

The camera also boasts superb macro capabilities with a minimum focusing distance of 4″ in wide mode. The Pentax Optio P70 is a well-made, very compact digital camera, with a glossy white aluminium pentax optio p70 other colours optuo and good overall finish.