Click on the image to see the effect of GEM at full size. They make my job easier! Auto levels, three eyedroppers to set white point, gray point and black point, Reset. In my case, I am using Adobe Photoshop for the final corrections. Eliminate smudges, scratches, and dust from images with the ICE feature, which quickly edits images to create the best version of each photograph. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

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And much more than a minute if you enable the multi-sample option.

Nikon LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Maybe not so much with my film cameras! Hence I’m planning on nikon coolscan iv a scanner. Share This Page Tweet. All in all, a very handy interface! The newer Epson might equal the scanner I purchased.

LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED

This is a reduced- size series of crops from a maximum-resolution dpi scan of an Ektachrome “Q60” target on a Super Coolscan ED scanner. I see that I have nikon coolscan iv options, buying a bottom rung scanner ie http: Thankfully, memory has gotten dirt cheap lately, so you can afford to buy plenty. doolscan

Will the scan image quality be comparable? However it’s not cheap, and is really meant for those looking for high quality consumer scanning.

Nikon Coolscan IV still worthy? | Photography Forums

Given a choice between higher complexity or not having the tools you need to control the scanner properly, we’ll take the more complex nikon coolscan iv any day. Nikon coolscan iv you can get by with the surprisingly accurate one-click automatic adjustments it provides in several areas, you’ll be able to scan pretty quickly.


Operation and Mikon Interface Wow! Analog Gain Control Underexposed slides or dense negatives are a challenge for any film scanner: Details on the blown up area of the post box are very good.

Combining this with the Coolscan IV’s “Digital GEM” grain-management technology and the new ED extra-low dispersion glass optics, and the result is a very noticeable improvement over Nikon’s former top of the line scanner, the LS Note that, while Nikon Scan uses virtual memory to nikon coolscan iv data out to nikon coolscan iv scratch disk, you’ll see significantly higher performance if you can just give it all the RAM it needs.

Until I found details on the SilverFast nikon coolscan iv, I had tried the cooolscan on the info boards with poor results. Normal Operating Sequence As we step through the myriad functions of the various control panels and interface screens, it would be easy to get lost in a maze of features, and end up with little actual idea of how the scanner and software actually work.

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We have to say that this ni,on one of the most truly useful innovations we’ve seen to date in scanner technology, capable of saving literally hours of retouching nikon coolscan iv each damaged image it recovers! In fact, based on other scanners we’ve seen that also use Digital ICE, we think the Nikon coolscan iv LED-illuminated approach may have some distinct advantages when it comes to defect removal.


Here’s what they all are: Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: If your negatives are curly, get a piece of anti-Newton glass and skip the film holder. Three key points I’m concerned over are: Values in between the extremes are stretched to cover the range specified.

The extent of control it provides over the scanning process is nikon coolscan iv, but this flexibility comes at some cost in terms of the learning curve associated with it. Ken Hanna Photography, Inc. I can’t imagine the Nikon is worse than the Nnikon, since at the time it was much better Also, nikon coolscan iv quit making quality film scanners for consumers.

It makes it feasible to scan for publication printed output as a one-step process, without having to pass through Photoshop or another application as part of your workflow. We’re afraid you’ll have to take our word for this a bit: Price Calculator Nikon coolscan iv much are different SilverFast versions for your scanner? I’m keeping the v though for the day i get my mamiya RZ or a fuji 6×9.