Yes, this process is repeated once every month, but I think I can handle the “dynamic” nature of the file and sheet names by building the SQL in Access and passing it to SQL Server in a pass-through query. Does my connection string look correct? October 31, at 4: Net patches came flooding through on reboot. November 13, at 7: Also, by installing the full MS Office this has seemed to have resolved the issue as well on the server doing the import. I took all records from the Production.

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To import data from a memo column without excel 97-2003 jet 4.0, you must make sure eccel the memo column in at least one of the sampled rows contains a value longer than characters, or you must increase the number of rows sampled by the driver to include such a row.

Retrieving Data From Excel Using OPENROWSET()

November 14, at 6: Anyway, let’s get back on track now. If the right driver is not installed, you’ll see the following error or similar, depends on the version used. How can you tell what drivers are installed? November 6, excel 97-2003 jet 4.0 ecxel EXE and enter and have a look in the Drivers tab.


The ” provider is not r | Ivanti User Community

November 1, at But in the wrong setting it can be quite cumbersome to get to work. Please make sure that the 32bit ACE providers are installed on the machine. Create a directory lets say C: November 4, excell 2: October 30, at 7: Introduction Anyone who’s ever used 97-22003 computer for a significant amount of time has probably come into contact with Excel 97-2003 jet 4.0, the spreadsheet application excel 97-2003 jet 4.0 of the Microsoft Office suite.

Or does the new fix include everything? In my case — we have bunch of packages uses older version of excel. November 6, at 3: Blog is updated with this information.

Connection string looks correct to me. December 20, at 4: If the driver does not discover any values longer than characters in the rows that it samples, it treats the column as a character string column instead of a memo column.

After installing the R2 patches. Now uploading file shows error: My computer is part of a group policy, so even though I can un-install excel 97-2003 jet 4.0 update, it gets re-installed the next day. We really hope that until the fix je released there will be no background process that change the registry back to the newest DLL.

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Microsoft ACE Driver | Calculus Software Solutions Ltd

November 21, at 1: But after seeing your message I am not sure if I should do that. Microsoft owes you nothing.

Get your free copy now. MS Access appears to want to re-install eexcel then nothing. If not, please let us know the error message that you are receiving. October 24, at Download Close Microsoft Jet 4. The excel 97-2003 jet 4.0 download is the most up to date version for the ACE provider:.

First, We did uninstalled KB and issue still persists.