You may also want to run fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo x: Good call, sorry for not including that in the first place. We have a client who is complaining about performance of an application which utilizes an MS SQL database. It would come up with a screen that said it was initializing with a spinning slash. The array stripe size is set to 64k. Even using the disable write cache option failed to provide acceptable performance.

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Smart Array E200i Controller Drivers

Do I need drivers? You should probably post the configuration raid levels, where it stores datafiles and where it stores logfiles. I would guess some wibdows the performance hit is due to the partitions are misaligned Windows misaligns partitions by default. I am honestly not as familiar with Windows.

The array stripe size is set to 64k. Hp requires a payment to even let me ask a damn question. So, the first one I would think.

It would appear the RAID 5 processor and write cache are troublesome components to this 2e00i. I do not immediately see it in device manager. Never mind that last comment, I see Chris S above said swapping out the controller would probably only make a small improvement.


It sounds like the application needs a “faster” disk setup to improve performance or the windpws is just poorly written, very hard to say without knowing how it works. What is the proper StartingOffset?

Smart Array EI Controller driver free download for windows – HP – ProLiant ML G5

That’s all I got. For example, how are the disks set up? I’m at a loss. The battery pack is installed and the status is okay. Post as a guest Name.

The card does have power as led are on. Ill have to see about how to manually install a driver. Surface scan delay is 15 sec.

Is that possibly the issue? Does it show up in device manager? Alright so the LEDs state that it is working on a command from the host driver.

I’m not sure what they may be. Total usable space is GB.

So, my BIOS should recognize the device right? It constantly searches on non-indexed columns. Finally the above command made the array perform closer to expectation. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Better than on par? I had Debian on one of the raid volumes to boot from so it should recognize the drives fine if the card is functioning.


We are not allowed to adjust these because the client’s friend wrote the app and that person walks on water as far as they are concerned. SteveBurkett 1, 4 6.

Solved: Smart Array Ei Drivers for Windows 10 Pro – HP Support Community –

It may be showing up as unknown as I do have two e20i those. The controller has a cache board and a battery pack. I guess I should have mentioned that at this point we are kind of at arms with the client arguing that the software is not the issue and the servers are not performing as well as they should so in turn they are not currently willing to spend money to do hardware upgrades – I am just trying to prove to the client that the server is performing optimally with the hardware available, because they believe that it is not.