To set up the burst on this instrument, I must give a “burst count”, which is the number of burst cycles for the chosen frequency. This error code doesnot have any explanation attached to it either. I am including a list of NI items installed on the PC. Found a solution – For some reason the termination characters for the serial data were improperly set. You should see a further link to the plug ‘n’ play driver.

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The create arbitrary waveform Agileny should document that it ignores the actual voltage levels. I’d like to set the time delay between 33520a trig orders to a precise value, ranging from a few hundreds microseconds to a few seconds. Agilent Interface 1s I am looking for a basic interface for an agilent unit that will provide me agilent 33250a labview a starting point to write the rest of the program.

A quick search of the forum for shows a lot of posts on this exact subject. I agilent 33250a labview that after I posted the question.

Signal Generators

Please give me a hand if you have already encountered this problem or if you have any clue Thanks in advance for any advice you can share in attempting to solve this problem!

In this code, I can’t reset the Agilent E and stop the running code. Agilent 33250a labview trying to send a arbitary waveform data that is present agilent 33250a labview a “text” file to agilent A through GPIB port using labview.

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To set point rate you will need to set the freq of the arb. VI and Configure arbitrary waveform.

LabVIEW driver for the A | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Is there any working example to simply read any measurement from any channel? But, if I run MAX scan for instruments they run without errors. So I got two multimeters Agilent A, one for voltage and one for current.

Third,you have the option of looking at the NI-Spy capture and finding out which command is causing the error. I am able to see the device under the device manager in NI max. The regular instrument communicator from within LAB agillent was not doing so. I am using a null modem cable believe this agilent 33250a labview required. Read All 7 Posts. Agilent 33250a labview the Agilent test program Aagilent am able to set the output voltage.

Regarding the error that you are receiving – have you checked the manufacturer’s user documentation to check that you have zgilent in the command how it expects?

Always time out error. The timing agilent 33250a labview to be ok.

Any help would be much appreciated. The agilent 33250a labview is that upon every command received, the agilent a sends a ramp signal on the output port of 1mV for 0. So far, I’ve downloaded the drivers for Agilent 33xxx and whenever I initialize the device, it gives me the following error:. But I can’t make sgilent work with. Good luck with your development and if you are successful, feel free to post the example here so others can use it as well! As agilent 33250a labview canot be located on any examples given in Labview and also the folder of A.

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db:: interface between labview and agilent a gives error zj

On agilent 33250a labview hunch, I used the gain and offset inputs of the configure arbitrary waveform VI to set things correctly I was already using the frequency input for setting the labvlew information.

I need to set the signal generator to be producing a user defined waveform 6 cycle sine burst sine wave with Hamming Window applied to it as an output, increment agilent 33250a labview frequency with equal steps and set the gailent mode on.

Could anybody give me some hints?

Please, refer bellowed subvi. So just had to write a small instrument driver code to get the communication going. And what error are you having with which file? agilent 33250a labview

I am trying to set up the burst function in LabView 7.